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PRISM Engine™

The product takes data (files, disk blocks) and distributes them over multiple physical/virtual devices. The user is presented with a single virtual disk making the product use transparent to the user. Reads and writes to the virtual disk are translated into operations on the individual physical/virtual devices, which make up the system. The distributed virtual disk allows operation across a reliable medium such as a LAN, an unreliable medium such as the Internet (not all distributed storage devices available at all times) with loosely connected devices, as well as, a single system implementation.


In distributing the data,

  • sufficient device redundancy is introduced so that failure of individual or multiple physical storage devices (disks), do not damage the data or the operation of the entire system.

    In storage reliability,

  • when a damaged physical device(s) are replaced, or a distributed device is brought into operation from maintenance, the device self-heals its missing data using the remaining distributed devices

    In data security,

  • no single disk contains a complete copy of the data, so that theft of an individual disk (or small collection of disks) cannot be used to recover the entire dataset or even part of the dataset.

  • true and false keys may be used for encrypting/decrypting the data stored, in addition random data is added to the stored information

    In improving storage performance,

  • total system latency is reduced, for read/write requests, by disregarding the slowest responding devices when enough individual devices have responded to process the request.

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