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STI iSCSI Storage Manager is a powerful and versatile hardware and software bundle that is comprised of an initiator and target with SNMP traps which log all the iSCSI commands and responses. Our iSCSI Storage Manager is an easy to integrate and cost effective solution, which simplifies the complexity of managing your iSCSI storage farm.

The STI iSCSI initiator and target virtually attach to your iSCSI targets and can determine a multitude of health measures to enable you to better manage your networked storage. STI iSCSI Storage Manager can be used to manage your storage network by better provisioning targets through discovery and activation management.

Features of STI iSCSI Storage Manager

  • iSCSI Draft 20 compliant
  • OS Independent
  • Naming and discovery
  • Configuration tool – add / remove iSCSI Targets
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Availability statistics
  • Response time measurements
  • Debugging
  • Security (Intrusion detection, Honey pot, session logging)

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